Hurling – the fastest game on grass!


Dylan Dybdal of the Montana Grizzly Hurling Team takes on two defenders from California Berkeley in the 2015 NCGAA Championships played at Washington Grizzly Stadium, Missoula, Montana. The Griz went on to win their second National Championship in the tournament. In only their second year they did what no team had ever done – repeated as Nation Champions. Read captain Naoise Waldrons story of the Championship and formation of the Griz team here.


Hurling: The Irish sport of Hurling has origins going back millennia. “The fastest game on grass” is an ancient stick and ball game played by the Irish that predates Christianity in Ireland with written references going back to the fifth century – with oral accounts going back even further – and the great Irish heroes such as Fionn Mac Cumhail and his Fianna army and Cúchulainn himself taking up the hurley. The game has been passed down for generations – a warriors’ game used even through the 1916 Easter Rising to keep the Volunteers sharp and ready them for war. Today the game is played around the world. The Irish of the west have taken to the game like ducks to water and there are currently many club and collage teams thought the region.